I am a full time artist, living and working in Gauteng. I graduated from Rhodes in 2009 (BA Fine Art) and 2010 (PGCE) .

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In 2016  Carmen Ford and I co-founded the South African female printmaking collective, The Printing Girls, our mission is to encourage female creatives to pursue their art practice with conviction, courage and confidence – earning them their rightful position in the contemporary history of art in South Africa.

My personal art practice focuses on printmaking, and strives to be as non-toxic and environmentally kinder as possible; by using water based mediums, making my own paper, and avoiding solvents.  My work is playful and imaginatively illustrative, based on my interactions with living creatures and GAN (generative adversarial network). My work is largely inspired by memories and arbitrary thoughts that get triggered while I am interacting with a GAN image. My style is illustrative, detailed, and often fairytalesque. I enjoy creating playful work that engages with the viewer through humour or some sort of strangeness.